The Health, Safety and Environment ( H S E ) policy of Chemieliva aims to achieve the following objectives:


To build a healthy and safe working environment, by promoting positive actions and attitudes, to ensure that we achieve and then maintain zero work-related injuries and illnesses;

To reduce our consumption of natural resources and energy, and to minimize our environmental footprint, by improving the efficiency of our production processes.





To achieve these objectives, Chemieliva continuously strives to:

【a】Comply strictly with all applicable laws and with all corporate HSE procedures.

【b】Actively manage HSE with dedicated personnel, equipment and systems.

【c】 Understand that we are all responsible and accountable for HSE, and as such receive appropriate information, training, protection devices, and supervision.

【d】Identify safe behavior practices, ensure that these are monitored and appraised by management and co-workers to shape a positive rather than punitive safety culture.

【e】Manufacture our products and operate our processes and technologies in a safe manner after assessing them for their risks and environmental impact.

【f】Ensure that we have emergency procedures and resources in place to control and limit the impact of any incidents.

【g】Consolidate our HSE know-how to bring intelligent and cost-effective solutions that support our continuous improvement process.

【h】Measure our HSE performance and periodically audit our operations to ensure that our programmes are delivering the expected results, and contribute to our continuous improvement.




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